The Team

Kenneth Graham - is a photographer with years of experience in community media. He teaches photography, video production and tv production.Kenneth has expanded his ideas with a group of people, putting together hub 17.Hub 17 is an Art and Media space in Stapleton. Much more than that, Hub 17 has numerous events and media workshops going on every week.


Kimbra Eberly - Created with Kenneth Graham, “The Directors Chair TV Film Festival”,which ran for five years. We coupled live tv and filmmaking together to have one of the only live broadcast film festivals in the country, over 24 hours of live tv broadcasting. Kimbra is also a musician. With years of experience performing and writing music, she will be running, vocal and songwriting workshops at Hub 17.


ErinKelli Kilbane - is an artist, model, event coordinator, and teacher centered in NYC. Kilbane received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase, with a concentration in painting and drawing and minor in art history. Her work has been exhibited all over the tri-state area, as well as internationally. She founded a mural painting business (Wall Recall Murals) and mobile painting classes called Creative Juices Paint & Sip. Kilbane’s latest endeavor Social Intercourse, is a talk show promoting artists and all creative types. Kilbane continues to translate her passion for the arts by making it available to the public through events, classes, and her own work.


Christian Reinsch - is a business graduate who has spent the last 8 years managing and engineering at a recording studio in New York City. He has experience as a live musician, both DJing and performing with different music groups throughout the country. After forming a music company in 2007, Christian began dealing with all aspects of the music business from marketing/promotion, distribution, artist development, as well some of the creative needs for each project including graphic design, photography, videography, website creation, social media networking, etc. In 2009, he started offering workshops and classes, based in the field of Audio Engineering and Music Production and has since made that the main focus of his musical career. He is also the founder and main organizer of the Projectivity Movement.

This group is happy to be taking over 2nd Saturday offering their talents to elevate new ideas in the Art community.

Support team
Al Peters - Louie Lake - Doug Latourette - Dyverse - 

Team Hub 17